Need A Budget Storage Unit? Make Use Of Opportunities To Minimize Costs

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Renting a storage unit on short notice and without much planning may lead to spending more than anticipated, especially if you need to fill up the unit quickly. An ideal situation is when you give yourself enough time to organize everything before you put items into a storage unit. But, you should make use of every opportunity to minimize your costs on a storage unit rental.


Finding a budget storage unit is not just about saving money on the rental rate. A great way to minimize your costs is by finding a storage facility near your home. This will help you save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance every time you visit the storage unit. Even if you are able to save a few dollars per month by renting a storage unit far away, you must calculate the travel costs.

Unit Size

The size of the storage unit is another factor that will play a huge role in your monthly costs. Rushing the process may lead to renting a large storage unit so that you can fit in everything you need to store without putting much effort into organization. Having patience with boxing up items will help you use each box to its maximum potential before putting it into storage.


Although you may find it easy to load your furniture into your vehicle and then take it directly to a storage unit, you should consider going through the process of disassembling every piece. It can take a while and may require you to find an online manual if you do not have one. But, you should be able to rent a smaller storage unit than if you were to keep all furniture assembled.

Trying to fit a couch and bed can require you to rent a 10x10 foot unit or larger. But, being able to position most individual pieces upright and stack the cushions will take up minimal space.

Shelving Units

Another way that you can minimize storage unit costs is by using shelving units in the rental. Trying to stack boxes on top of each other can lead to damaged items and collapsing boxes. But, shelving units can give you sufficient support to stack a lot of boxes without any risk at all. Being able to stack boxes or items so high will allow you to rent a small storage unit confidently.

A budget storage unit is not far away when you use these methods to minimize spending. Contact a facility, like Haggard Mini Storage, for more help.