Choose And Using Self Storage For Your Books

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A self-storage facility like Payless Self Storage is a good option for people with book collections they want to protect. Your comic books, paperbacks, self-published books and others can sit comfortably whether you intend to sell them or keep them. You do need to make sure you store your books properly though. Here's why you should consider self-storage, and how to use it the benefit of your printed materials.

Benefits of Self-Storage for Books

Self-storage can help anyone who needs extra space to store something temporarily, or for long periods. These spaces are an affordable solution for people. They can also help a great deal if you have a business that requires you to store a large number of books somewhere before you sell them.

For example, many self-published writers may order their books, but don't want to keep them in the home or their garage. They can instead store them in a self-storage facility and only retrieve the ones they intend to sell each day.

How to Store Books in Your Self Storage Facility

When you store your books, you shouldn't leave them exposed. For example, stacking books nakedly in a corner of the facility. Start by making sure your storage unit is both dry and cool. Moisture is the enemy of all paper products.

If the storage unit has a source of light or a window, keep your books away from the light. Any source of light can cause discoloration or fading. Equally, you don't want your books near any source of heating or cooling.

Don't let your books lean. Stack them flat or upright and pressed together. Whenever possible, try to keep books of similar sizes together. Doing so helps the books protect each other. When you have the time, you should stop by the storage unit and do some occasional dusting.

You can wrap your books in a clean cloth to give them additional protection. If you're boxing your books, then use smaller, acid-free boxes. Stack the boxes evenly, and don't stack them too high. The last thing you want is to have to reach up to get a box. Doing so is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Choose a Self-Storage Facility with a Good Reputation

Not all self-storage solutions are the same. Some have options and features you may find beneficial to storing books, such as climate control. Make sure you choose a reputable self-storage facility. Ask the representative if they have specific or additional suggestions for book storage in their units.