Items That Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

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Self-storage units provide extra space for your stuff, and can help you free up living space in your home, make your life easier during a move, or even as vehicle storage during the winter months. Climate controlled self-storage units allow you to manage the humidity and temperature levels within the unit itself, making them the perfect solution for more fragile or vulnerable items that you put into storage for a nominal cost. If you want to store any of the following items for any period of time, you will want to consider renting a climate controlled unit to protect them while they are not being used.


Most types of furniture are actually very susceptible to temperature and moisture damage. Leather and upholstery can grow mold and degrade when exposed to temperature fluctuations and high levels of moisture, whereas wooden furniture risks warping or rotting if left exposed to higher levels of humidity for an extended period of time. Climate controlled storage units can help keep your furniture in good condition even after months.

Musical Instruments

Any sort of instrument should be kept in a climate controlled unit. This is because moisture and temperature changes can actually alter the sound, either by causing warping in the wood or rust and degradation of metal. Even large, seemingly durable items like pianos can be affected by high levels of humidity, which can break down the glue and alter the tension of the interior strings attached to the keys.


Any sort of artwork needs to be kept in a constantly maintained temperature, as high temperatures can actually cause the paint to run or break down. Further, canvasses are extremely susceptible to any sort of water damage, which can quickly bloom into mold growth and actually damage the structural integrity of the painting itself. Not only will this ruin the value of your art, it can cause it to literally fall apart.


Though not susceptible to mold growth under most circumstances, and usually fairly resistant to changes in temperature, electronics are extremely vulnerable to any sort of moisture. This means that high levels of humidity can soak their way into the wires and circuits of your appliances and electronics, which can short them out if you turn them on – effectively the same thing as if you poured a glass of water onto that specific item. Over time, such exposure to moisture can actually cause rust to begin to develop on the interior of your electronics.

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