Five Good Reasons To Choose Dry Boat Storage

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While boat storage has traditionally meant renting a dock at a marina, an increasingly-popular boat storage alternative involves neither water nor a marina. That's dry boat storage. This method is less expensive, keeps your craft out of the elements and is much more convenient than having to tow and launch your boat each time you want to use it.

What is dry boat storage?

Dry storage involves keeping your boat out of the water in a warehouse berth when you aren't using it. These facilities are giant boat warehouses, where boats are stored vertically and moved about via forklifts. The dry storage facility takes your boat off of the rack and launches it for you when you're ready to use it. 

Advantages to choosing dry boat storage

1. It is more convenient than trailoring. Having to tow your boat, wait in line to launch it and park your trailer before you can even enjoy being on the water takes some of the fun out of owning a boat. With dry storage, all you have to do is phone ahead and your boat is in the water waiting for you to arrive.

2. Dry boat storage helps to reduce maintenance. If you currently keep your boat in the water, moored at a marina, when you're not using it, then dry storage can help reduce the necessary maintenance on the boat. By keeping your boat in a warehouse out of the wind, rain and direct sun, your boat will need painted less frequently and the interior will need replaced less often.

3. Dry boat storage deters theft. When your boat is stored high above the ground in a warehouse, it's much less accessible to those unauthorized persons who might otherwise board it. Most dry storage facilities also have security guards and CCTV cameras.

4. Dry boat storage is environmentally friendly. When your boat is out of the water, it can't leak oil, gasoline or other toxic fluids into the water, helping to keep the waterway cleaner and the fish and water fowl healthier.

5. Dry boat storage can save you money. Since dry storage can accommodate many more boats than a typical marina in the same number of square feet, such facilities are considerably less expensive than keeping your boat docked at a marina.

While dry boat storage may not be the right choice for every boat owner, this type of storage is convenient, can help you save money and help protect your boat from the elements. Contact a business, such as Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage, for more information.