5 Tips For Making & Selling Crafts From A Storage Unit

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Selling crafts online is a great way to make extra income and showcase your creative side to people all over the world. Instead of working from your own home or renting an office, you can get a lot of use out of a storage unit. A small unit has plenty of space to organize and prepare all of your crafts that you sell online. Instead of just going into the process blindly, there are five tips you can follow to have the most success with your unit rental. Once the crafts start selling, you can afford the monthly unit rental and start making profits on the space.

Photo Table

One of the key areas in showcasing your products is having proper lighting and clear photos. Setting up a photo table inside a storage unit can give you a permanent area to take clear images and stylize them as needed. Since most crafts are small enough to fit on the table, you would only need a few tabletop lights to properly set up your photo shoot. A small softbox will help create even lighting and provide a clear background to showcase your crafts. Along with small lighting kit, you should also use a tripod on your camera for stable images. A tripod can also be aimed straight down so you can shoot your craft from overhead as it lies flat on the table.

Shipping Table

Along with a photo table, it's a good idea to have a separate shipping table available for your products. The shipping process can become very involved, including labels, boxes, and packing materials. By having your own small table for shipping, you can easily organize products and keep on task with your shipping needs. A small table may even have room for a printer. This can help you print out labels or order numbers for all the crafts you sell. The space underneath the table is ideal for storing items like extra boxes and packing materials.

Extra Lights

A storage unit will typically come with a single light that is used to illuminate the area. By bringing more lighting in, you can see the crafts that you are making a lot easier. Extra lighting will help you process colors, see tiny details, and complete your crafts without any small mistakes. You can use lights that run on batteries or look for extra outlets that are available inside the storage unit. If needed, request a unit with outlets so you can make full use out of them.


Staying organized is the best way to get the most work done in your unit. Crafts should be separated into plastic bins and labeled so you can easily find different pieces and items. It's also a good idea to place small metal shelves inside the unit so you do not have to stack bins on top of each other and risk damage to your crafts. If you sell year-round, a few bins should be left for specific events and holidays like Halloween or Christmas.

Storage Unit Hours

Selling crafts could be your daytime job or a nighttime hobby. This is why it's important to look at the visiting hours for the storage unit that you rent. Every unit has a different policy, so it's important to find the unit that fits your schedule and needs. Some units may have limited day hours during the week and extended hours during the weekend. Other units may have unlimited access to and from the unit. For extra security, some 24-hour units may give you a key card that gets you past the opening gate anytime you need access. Be sure to see the access hours before choosing your storage rental. It can help you set a good schedule for your crafting needs.

By making a list of ideas and plans, you can develop a work flow that is organized and works well with the unit that you're renting.