Shopping For Storage? 2 Not-So-Common Things You Should Look For

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After shopping around for a storage unit, you might feel pretty proud of yourself for finding a facility that offers rock-bottom rent and a clean front office. However, you might be surprised to learn that veteran storage customers might look for other features too. Here are two not-so-common things you should look for as you shop for storage, and why they might improve your experience: 

1: Built-In Storage

Sometimes storage customers decide to upgrade their units with custom wooden additions, and sometimes owners decide to leave it there. When you shop for a storage unit, ask managers if they have any units with these convenient built-ins:

Before you use existing shelves or lofts to hold your belongings, test the structural integrity by pulling on beams and inspecting planks. If you notice excessive movement, warped planks, or rotting wood, think twice before unloading expensive belongings. Also, ask storage managers if they are willing to conduct maintenance on the built-in storage additions if it becomes a problem.

2: After Hours Self Storage Kiosks

Sure, those self storage managers might be incredibly helpful when they are on shift, but what happens after hours? Unless your chosen facility pays managers to live onsite, you might be on your own until the office opens in the morning. However, some facilities these days are turning to self storage kiosks to handle after hours customer concerns. These kiosks take advantage of two-way videoconferencing, letting remote managers answer questions and concerns face to face. Here are a few reasons kiosks might come in handy:

If you find a facility that offers after-hours self storage kiosks, ask for a tutorial from storage managers when they are available. You might be able to learn more about system quirks, so that you aren't left wondering what to do in the middle of the night.  

By finding a storage facility with convenient, unique features, you might be able to avoid common hassles and enjoy your experience. Click here to learn about other services a self storage facility in your area might offer.